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Gluten Free Pasta “Le Veneziane” is the biggest selling Gluten Free Pasta in Italy and is available from our Italian online store. At last we have found a true top quality Gluten Free pasta made by Molino di Ferro of Treviso in Northern Italy and called Le Veneziane.

This Pasta is made from 100% GM free Maize flour and is Gluten free with a very low fat content, no colourings and without cholesterol, making it perfect for people who are Coeliac, wheat intolerant or just following a healthy diet, and also for people following a Vegan diet, as the pasta is Wheat, Egg and Lactose Free. Molino Di Ferro uses its decades of corn processing experience to produce “Le Veneziane” gluten free pasta. A meticulous selection of the finest Italian corn is used to make the pasta, which remains consistently firm during cooking and holds onto sauce wonderfully. It makes a delicious alternative and highly satisfying meal.

We offer the following most popular shapes, Fettucce, Penne, Gnocchi, Eliche and Spaghetti and know also including Lasagne, just in we have the delicious Gluten Free Grissini.

Matilde Vicenzi has developed a range of gluten and lactose-free pastries suitable for intolerant consumers such as their famous Grisbi biscuits.

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