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“A sip of nostalgia and a dip into the soul of Sicily ! ”

Drinks from a bygone era are back, those thirst quenching beverages from the gold old days when Italians scooted around on Lambrettas and street vendors roamed Sicily selling cool fizzy drinks flavoured with Anise or Citron, homemade creations of water, sugar, and luscious Sicilian citrus fruits.

These great new drinks from the company Polara are a refreshing treat, they can be drunk on their own straight from the fridge or made into exciting cocktails by adding Prosecco.

DiFrutta presents a complete range of juices, nectars, 100% juices and drinks of the highest quality; the fruit, carefully selected and picked at the right point of ripeness, comes from organic crops and controlled agriculture. Modern vacuum processing techniques allow you to preserve all the fragrance and taste. The freshness and integrity of the product are also ensured by the use of the vacuum twist-off cap.

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