It was exactly in 1929, when the Camisa family embarked on a culinary journey by opening their first delicatessen, “Fratelli Camisa,” on Old Compton Street in Soho. Initially catering to the local Italian community, they quickly gained recognition for their fresh Italian products.

As demand for authentic traditional food grew, the Camisa family expanded their business, attracting visitors from across London and beyond.

Anticipating the need for nationwide access to Italian produce, the Camisa family embraced innovation, offering a pioneering Mail Order service long before the age of modern technology. Their forward-thinking approach established them as leaders in the industry, concluding in the launch of the first online Italian deli in 2008! This ground breaking move allowed Italian food fanatics across the UK to savour the family’s offerings from the comfort of their homes.

The Camisa family’s ability to adapt and their unwavering commitment to quality have left a permanent mark on the Italian food landscape in the UK, strengthening their legacy as pioneers and forward thinkers.

Despite its growth and incorporation in 2019 into the Castiglione’s family business, that have been established since 1984, Fratelli Camisa remains a family-operated business. The company’s relocation has provided it with state-of-the-art warehouse and office facilities. Through their Online Deli, they remain committed to delivering the same comprehensive range of deli products to customers across the country.

Fratelli Camisa’s mission is to offer consumers an expanded selection of premium products sourced from artisanal producers, providing access to delectable foods that are truly unique.

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