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Fratelli Camisa maintain the tradition of delivering a full range of Italian food online from our authentic range of Italian deli products such as Italian Cheeses,Olive Oils,Fresh pasta,Fresh Olives and Antipasti ,we also have some of the best quality authentic Italian Charcuterie to buy either sliced or whole,all freshly imported weekly.

Bringing to the UK one of the finest selections of authentic Italian food online, our mission is to use our local contacts and knowledge built up through generations to source some wonderful artisan Italian foods that you wont find anywhere else.


*** We are taking orders and delivering as near to normal as possible although there may be a slight delay in receiving your parcel,and we are doing everything  we can to protect our customers and staff during these difficult days ***

                                                    Thank you to everyone for your continued support and custom




Lemons are mostly harvested in southern Sicily, from mid-November until May.This citrus fruit has nu..
Harvested mostly in Emilia Romagna, between July and August, apricots are very sweet fruits, juicy a..
Harvested in Sicily and Calabria from Zagara Orange flowers that give this creamy Honey its intense ..
Chestnut Honey,The Chestnut tree grows all over Italy,from Piedmont to Sicily and from its summer fl..
Made from fresh Figs collected in the Campania region from early summer until the end of SeptemberRi..
Made with a mix of farm grown and  young wild,sweet strawberries that are harvested in May to p..
Blackberries,Cranberries,Red Currants,Rose Hips and Strawberries all go into this quite superb jamWi..
Sweet and sharp Wild Raspberry Jam,made with Organic Raspberries and sweetened with sharp Apple juic..
Harvested in Summer from wild undergrowth flowers and honeydew,this liquid Honey is full flavoured a..
Hand picked Organic Blueberries are used in the sharp and tangy jam,extra sharpness supplied by the ..
Blackberries are mainly harvested in the summer months in the Rigoni di Asiago farmlands in Bulgaria..
Nocciolata Classica is a spreadable organic cream made with cocoa and hazelnuts,produced with carefu..
To produce our Fiordifrutta, which is characterised by a sweet and intense flavour, we use only the ..
Hand picked Peaches from Emilia Romagna are used in this organic jam,sweet and rich and velvetyA nic..
Delicious mix of Dark and White truffles Packaged in a very lovely gift tin ..
Traditional Hazelnut chocolates created into a 3 layer Cremini ClassicoOnly the best cocoa beans,sug..
Pure indulgence in a tube ! Gianduja Hazelnut spread in a handy tube, no more mess with jars ,j..
A delicious masterpiece and a signature of TurinBorn from the fusion of cocoa ,sugar and Tonda Genti..
Wow ! what can we say, this is one big bar of chocolate !Weighing in at 1 kilo, this is a chocolate ..
Packaged in a very elegant envelope that allows the giver to write any message inside, a lovely uniq..
Delicious dark hazelnut chocolate barSugar Free and without artificial sweeteners ..
Sugar Free Italian Milk chocolate without artificial sweeteners ,Gluten free ..
Pandoro (pan d'oro) is a traditional Italian sweet yeast bread, most popular around Christmas and Ne..
Wonderful almond spread made with local Sicilian almonds ,fantastic when spread on a slice of Panett..
£13.10 £10.48
From the collaboration between the creativity of Dolce & Gabbana and the confectionery artistry ..
What can we say about these Panettone except simply stunning ! From the collaboration between t..
A new creation from Fiasconaro,Enriched with Sicilian wheat flour which has a soft and gentle textur..
What can we say ? these are quite simply delicious Panettone.A light dough enriched with Sicilian wh..
A quite stunning Panettone,dark and lush with the addition of Strawberry puree, hand finished with S..
A traditional Panettone topped with white icing and mannetti and complete with a jar of very special..
A traditional Pannetone studded through with rich chocolate drops complete with a jar of coffee crea..
A wonderful gift box containing a traditional 1.0kg Panettone topped with white icing and studded wi..
All the flavours and traditions of Panettone but leaving out the candied fruit and raisins,much in t..
If you are a fan of Chocolate you are going to love these traditional Panettone studded through with..
Rich moist Panettone cake studded with chocolate drops and covered in a crunchy iced sugar topping&n..
Delicious moist Panettone,light and fluffy and full of rich candied fruits and Marsala soaked raisin..
A truly delicious Panettone, sweet and moist with Williams pears,rich with chocolate pieces and cove..
From the best fruits of Central Sicily,like many precious emeralds hanging from the tree branches,Ma..
A truly unique beer made with malted barley and hops with the addition of Sicilian sea salt crystals..
Every bar, pizzeria, restaurant, and supermarket on Sardinia stocks Birra Ichnusa It is the go-..
Pandoro (pan d'oro) is a traditional Italian sweet yeast bread, most popular around Christmas and Ne..
New for 2020 these distinctive Tortiera tins contain a delicious fruit filled panettone.Based on a t..
These fun Tortiera tins contain a fruit panettone,and are based on a traditional Italian baking tin ..
Roasted and cooked Italian ham flavoured with RosemaryProduced in Vignola,in an area rich in traditi..
Introducing our new Italian Cheeseboard Selection for our discerning cheese lovers !Each selection c..