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  • porcini-and-cheese
  • Arborio Rice 1kg
    Arborio rice takes its name from the Vercellian village where it was first cultivated centuries ago and has the largest grains of any Italian rice. As it has a high starch content it is perfect for making creamy Risotto and can also be used for making things like Timbales. Approximate cooking time is 15 minutes. ..
  • Martelli Spaghetti 500g
    The Spaghetti,made using the very finest Canadian Durum Wheat flour in the Martelli family factory in the fortified hill top town of Lari in Tuscany.Bronze extruded to create the perfect texture to allow the sauce to coat the pasta. Allowed to air dry naturally for approximately 50 hours to create possibly the finest dry pasta on the market. ..
  • Porcini 50g
    These are the very best A grade Italian Porcini mushrooms you are likely to find anywhere. Hand picked in the mountains around the village of Tarsogno in the province of Parma and sliced by hand before drying and packing for us by the company Frutibosco. There can be no comparison to mass produced,eastern European or Chinese porcini sold in supermarkets. As seen on the latest Delia On Line r..
  • Fresh Pure Pork Sausages Napolitano 630g
    Our famous Sausages are now back in stock. A coarse ground fresh pork sausage seasoned with a fresh ground paste of seasalt,sun dried chillies,garlic,wild fennel seeds and cracked black pepper. The recipe for the sausages,as the name suggests,emanates from Naples in the Campania region of Southern Italy and are widely known as "Naps". Tied by hand and linked with string in the tradit..
  • Luxury Panettone Topped With Pistachio & Almonds 1.0kg
    Amazing Panattone,hand made the traditional way and slow baked with candied fruit and then smothered with sweet white icing and topped with pistachios and almonds. Comes complete with a jar of pistachio cream and its own spreading knife. We think these may well be the best Panettone you will taste, and dont forget there is FREE delivery on this item          ..

Welcome to Fratelli Camisa Ltd

Fratelli Camisa maintain the tradition of delivering a full range of Italian food online from our authentic range of Italian deli products such as Cheeses,Olive Oils,Fresh pasta and Sicilian seafood,we also have some on the best quality authentic Italian Charcuterie, Salamis, Parma Ham and Pancetta to buy either sliced or whole, all freshly imported weekly.