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Welcome to Fratelli Camisa Ltd

Fratelli Camisa maintain the tradition of delivering a full range of Italian food online from our authentic range of Italian deli products such as Cheeses,Olive Oils,Fresh pasta and Sicilian seafood,we also have some on the best quality authentic Italian Charcuterie, Salamis, Parma Ham and Pancetta to buy either sliced or whole, all freshly imported weekly.


  • Fresh Pure Pork Sausages Napolitano 500g
    Our famous Sausages are now back in stock. A coarse ground fresh pork sausage seasoned with a fresh ground paste of seasalt,sun dried chillies,garlic,wild fennel seeds and cracked black pepper. The recipe for the sausages,as the name suggests,emanates from Naples in the Campania region of Southern Italy and are widely known as "Naps". Tied by hand and linked with string in the tradit..
  • Margot Cheese with Beer
    Lovely little farmhouse cheese from the high pastures of the Biellese region of northern Italy, made with full cows milk and flavoured with local beer. Matured for 45 days in underground cellars and stored on traditional wooden racks these cheeses have a sweet,mild flavour with just the hint of beer. Sold individually each cheese weighs approximately 380gms and is wrapped in its ow..
  • Smoked Pancetta whole piece 1.2kg
    Smoked Pancetta is raw pork belly that is usually cut into lardons,cubes or slices and added to pasta sauces to give a beautiful smoked salty flavour. It also works very well when added to beef mince when making a lasagne or bolognese sauce and makes a great addition to your sunday Roast Chicken when placed over the breast instead of bacon. Available here in a whole piece of 1.2 kilos for ..
  • Gratin with Juniper
    White,compact and crumbly this little cheese is made from whole cows milk with the addition of Juniper berries. Matured for 40 days to create a cheese with a very delicate flavour with a soft texture.  A very interesting addition to your cheese board. ..
  • Gratin Bleu
    A beautifully creamy blue cheese made with the Roquefort penicillium to give a rich flavour. Texture is crumbly in the centre getting softer towards the rind with a very pale straw colouring. Each piece is in an 1/8 of a wheel size, so about 270g approximate. ..