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Your One Shop Online Italian Food Deli - Italian Food Online - Authentic Italian Food Deli


Fratelli Camisa maintain the tradition of delivering a full range of Italian food online from our authentic range of Italian deli products such as Italian Cheeses,Olive Oils,Fresh pasta,Fresh Olives and Antipasti ,we also have some of the best quality authentic Italian Charcuterie to buy either sliced or whole, all freshly imported weekly.

Bringing to the UK one of the finest selections of authentic Italian food online, our mission is to use our local contacts and knowledge built up through generations to source some wonderful artisan Italian foods that you wont find anywhere else.

Over 90% of our lines are imported exclusively by us from small Artisan companies including Martelli,producers of one of the finest dry pastas on the market.

Italian Codine pastries, made with filo pastry and shaped as a lobster tail and filled with chocolat..
Coffee cream filled Codine pastries , enjoy them with your morning coffee or as a dessert ..
Nice zesty Lemon cream filled Italian delicacy made with filo pastry..
Delicious baked Cannoli shells filled with rich chocolate cream Enjoy these famous Sicilian desserts..
Crunchy,baked Cannoli shells filled with Lemon cream .These are the true kings of Italian desserts,f..
Wonderful baked Cannoli filled with luxurious white cream , a true legend of Italian desserts..
Rich and sweet Cherry tomato pasta sauce , excellent as a base sauce or passata and just as good on ..
Base sauce of Sicilian cherry tomatoes with the addition of soft Aubergines. Resealable screw lid..
Nice and hot Chilli pasta sauce , tempered with the sweetness of the Sicilian cherry tomatoes ..
A classic "Puttanesca" sauce , rich and sweet cherry tomatoes with Olives and Capers Bring a touch..
Here we have the mushroom sauce , genuine Italian Porcini mushrooms added to the Cherry Tomato base ..
Matured,medium soft cutting table cheese from the Lombardia region made with pasteurised whole cows ..
The Camisa family originate from Parma, the town famous for Parmigiano Reggiano cheese,Parma Ham,and..
Semi-hard, creamy and sharp, an aged cow's milk cheese that has a nutty, medium flavour. It's more m..
Provolone Piccante is a semi hard cheese with a sharp piquant flavour which has been matured four a ..
A traditional smoked Scamorza cows milk cheese from Puglia with a lovely mild smokey flavour,often u..
Short, standard length version of the ever popular Spaghetti Tricolori ..
£3.52 £1.76
Short length version of our Chill spaghetti , Spaghetti Peperoncino ..
£3.52 £1.76
Amaretti Soft Italian Cookies Morbidi which are lovely and soft,each one individually wrapped i..
Amaretti soft Italian biscuits By Sassello Of Italy,These soft Amaretti have a full almond tast..
Amaretti soft Italian cookies from Sassello,individually sealed,but in bulk buy of three bags f..
Brand new to our Italian on line store and a great addition to our Gluten Free range come these bisc..
Gluten Free Coconut Biscuits. Brand new to our Italian on line store and a great addition to ou..
Rustic Mixed Antipasto Contadino , containing Olives,Mushrooms,Artichokes,Silver Skin Onions and Red..
Cured Beef Bresaola Punta D"Anca,traditionally used in the Venetian dish of Carpaccio,with fine shav..
Made from coarsely chopped pork and seasoned with Paprika,this Choriso is Piccante,so is on the hot ..
Made from the neck and shoulder of specially selected pigs,Coppa di Parma is a whole joint of meat t..
New for 2017 we have this fantastic Felino salame available in whole , small sizes of approximately ..