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Almond Cream 180g

Quite incredible Almond Cream from the Sicilian producer Fiasconaro , spread this on a slice of Panettone for the ultimate sweet experience ..


Black Olive Paste 180g

Authentic Black Olive Paste made with Ligurian olive oil,perfect for adding to fish dishes or used as a spread on Finestrotti crackers...


Campo D'Oro Caponata Siciliana 180g

A Sicilian recipe prepared utilizing the traditions of the region.First the eggplant is fried off and the onion chopped into cubes, the ingredients unify with t..


Campo D'Oro Cilegino Siciliana 180g

Freshly picked cherry tomatoes are left to dry in the sun for only two days, then they are conserved with fresh basil in olive oil.Use: Typical Sicilian Antipas..


Campo D'Oro Pate Di Capperi 180g

Delicious paté created with capers and Sicilian almonds that give it a unique sweetness, ideal on toasted bread or to flavor roasts...


Campo D'Oro Pate Di Carciofi 180g

Delicious paté created with artichokes and Sicilian almonds that give it a unique sweetness, ideal on toasted bread or to flavor roasts...


Campo D'Oro Pate Di Peperoncino 180g

Ideally for those who love strong and decisive tastes, excellent on toasted bread bruschetta to flavor sauces or simply on roasts...


Campo D'Oro Pistacchio Pesto 180g

This Sicilian pesto only uses Sicilian pistachios which have been ground with a pinch of salt and olive oil.Use: Typical Sicilian pesto with Sicilian Pistachio ..


Crema Alla Manna 180g

La Manna is a typical Sicilian product,a sap that naturally flows from bark of Ash trees in the Madonie region of Sicily.With a sweet and delicate taste and a c..


Fiasconaro Pistachio Cream 180g Jar

Pistachio cream is a real speciality of Sicily, made with locally grown pistachios.This really does have to be tasted to be believed,spread onto a slice of Pane..


Green Olive Paste 180g

Olive paste made with Green Olives and Ligurian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.Works really well added to cooked rice and pasta and also with fish, or just simply o..


Pesto and Truffles 180g

Classic basil recipe from Genoa married with sublime summer truffles Perfect for fish,meat and pasta recipes ..


Pesto Genovese Sauce 180g jar

Made in Liguria,the birth place and home of Pesto,using the correct and traditional recipe, fresh Basil,Pecorino and Parmasan cheese,cashew nuts and extra ..


Red Pesto & Truffle Sauce 180g

Thanks to Urbani’s selection of only the best ingredients from Italy, with this sauce you can now create and enjoy amazing delicious truffle dishes. Perfect to ..


Spaghetti Sauce Tutto Calabria 180g jar

Tutto Calabria "Condimento per Spaghetti" is a sauce made from sweet chilli, hot peppers and tomatoes. It is tasty, spicy and ready to use! You can use it ..