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Baci Di Dama Virginia 100g

Lovely Hazelnut biscuits,soft and sweet and filled with Hazelnut cream Packaged in an elegant gift  tin ..

£8.15 £6.11

Caputo Dried Yeast 100g

High activity dried yeast,suitable for all types of dough and leavening,and can be used in Gluten Free doughs ..


Colatura Di Alici 100g

Once a poor seasoning ,used by local families to season Christmas Eve dishes Colatua di Alici is a transparent amber-coloured liquid sauce produced from An..


Coppa Di Parma sliced 150g

Made from the neck and shoulder of specially selected pigs,Coppa di Parma is a whole joint of meat that comes exclusively from the Emilia-Romagna region of nort..


Diced Italian Prosciutto Crudo 100g

Once we get to the end knuckle of one of our delicious Prosciutto Crudo and we cant slice any more we seal the last piece in the vacuum packer,and then when..


Leoncini Antipasto 100g

Classic Antipasto mix of Prosciutto Crudo,Coppa and Salame..


Leoncini Milano Salami sliced 80g

The famous Milanese salami,made with finely minced pork,garlic and red wine,Milano is cured for four months and when cut exhibits its rice grain texture. A rich..


Leoncini Pancetta Sliced 100g

Made exclusively from meat from pigs born,bred and slaughtered in Italy Salted, cased and hand tied.Gluten free,no added water,no added glutamate and no mi..


Leoncini Prosciutto Cotto alle Erbe Sliced 100g

Roasted and cooked Italian ham flavoured with RosemaryProduced in Vignola, in an area rich in traditions tied to the land and craftsmanship. High quality ham co..


Leoncini Prosciutto Di Parma 18 month 100g

Delicious moist and sweet Prosciutto Di ParmaMatured for a minimum of 18 months , a true Italian classic EXPIRE DATE: 18/12/2021..


Leoncini Salame Al Tartufo 100g

New to our range of charcuterie,this Truffle salami is flavoured with the unmistakable flavour of Truffle giving it a wonderful rich taste and aroma.Enjoy w..


Napoli Salami sliced 150g

Our Napoli salami has a very gentle smoked flavour,with added black pepper corns and an intense aroma of beech and oak reminiscent of the areas where it is prod..


Nonna Nanni Robiola 100g

With its soft, creamy consistency, Robiola is a fresh cheese that is extremely easy to spread and has an intense, pleasant taste. Perfect for starting or end..


Pancetta Copata sliced 150g

Pancetta Copata is made from cured,spiced and rolled pork belly and can be used either eaten directly in mixed antipasti which is delicious or cooked and added ..


Pancetta Sliced 150g

Smoked Pancetta is smoked and cured raw pork belly that is usually added to pasta sauces to give a beautiful smoked salty flavour.It also works very well wh..