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Choose Swiss Cheese from Von Muehlenen

Choose Swiss Cheese from Von Muehlenen
Swiss cheese from Von Muhlenen"s extensive selection that includes Gruyere,Raclette and the delicious Vacherin Fribourg,our particular favourite 
Produced in the high Swiss pastures these cheeses are matured to standards that date back some 140 years producing rich,ripe cheeses that are suitable for many uses.

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Gruyere Reserve Swiss Cheese 200g

Gruyere Classic,matured for 14 months in the Fribourg region of Switzerland,to produce a cheese with a strong,full and rounded flavour with a smooth texture. Pa..


Raclette Swiss Cheese Fribourg Grand Cru 200g

One of the best known cheeses for raclette comes from the Fribourg area. The exceptional quality of the milk produced in this region as well as the great expert..