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Sicilian Classic Soft Drinks

               "A sip of nostalgia and a dip into the soul of Sicily ! " 



Drinks from a bygone era are back,those thirst quenching beverages from the gold old days when Italians scooted around on Lambrettas and street vendors roamed Sicily selling cool fizzy drinks flavoured with Anise or Citron,homemade creations of water,sugar,and luscious Sicilian citrus fruits.

These great new drinks from the company Polara are a refreshing treat,they can be drunk on their own straight from the fridge or made into exciting cocktails by adding Prosecco 

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Arancia Rossa 275ml

Polara Blood Orange has an intense,attractively citrusy flavour and a rich fruity aroma,made with natural extracts of juicy Sicilian blood oranges..


Aranciata 275ml

Tasty and refreshing,every sip of Polara Aranciata regales the palate with all the flavour,aroma and genuineness of juicy Sicilian oranges..


Cedrata 275ml

Cedrata,made with traditional methods using natural extracts of citron,enveloping its intense bouquet in a sweet and slightly citrusy flavour ..


Chinotto 275ml

Made the old fashioned way, with natural extract from the Chinotto orange of Chinese origins, this drink releases a full bodied, fresh and pleasingly bitterswee..


Gassosa with Sicilian Lemon extract 275ml

Prepared according to a jealously guarded recipe,the queen of of traditional soft drinks contains the natural extract of Sicilian lemons,sugar and bubbles! ..


Limonata 275ml

With its intense, decisive flavour Polara Limonata combines the effervescence of its bubbles with 12% natural Sicilian lemon juice...


Limone E Zenero (Lemon & Ginger ) 275ml

Limone E Zenero brings together all the scents and flavours of natural Sicilian lemon juice with the spicy notes of ginger ...


Mandarino ( Green Mandarine ) 275ml

The strong and delicate taste of the pure juice of Sicilian mandarins,packed full of citrus flavours ..


Melograno ( Pomegranate) 275ml

The delicious and unique taste of Pomegranate wrapped in a thirst quenching drink with a natural ,fresh and aromatic taste ..


Spuma 275ml

Natural extract of Rhubarb mixed with orange peel and caramel gives the Spuma an intense and aromatic flavour.Lovely and refreshing on its own it is also great ..


Tonica 275ml

Queen of all the cocktails,Tonic is a refreshing drink with a characteristic bitter,slightly tart aftertaste.Made with quinine extract from the Cinchona officin..