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Multi Buy Packs

Multi Buy Packs

Here you will find our extensive range of Multi Buy products offering cost savings over the usual single pack, usual discount is 15% .

A great way to replenish your store cupboard and cost effective, during these uncertain times, 

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Mutti Pizza Sauce 12x400g tins

Perfect Tomato base for all your pizza needs,made with 100% Italian tomatoes and Basil & OreganoMutti Pizza Sauce with Spices (Salsa per Pizza Aromatiz..


Zuppa Di Orzo e Legumi Organic 6x400g tins

Rich Organic soup made with Pearl Barley,Beans and Pulses,here in a pack of six tins Organic pearl barley, beans and pulses soup: benefits and propertiesOr..


Zuppa Di Farro e Legumi Organic 6x400g pack

Nice rich Organic soup made with Spelt,Beans and Pulses.Organic spelt, beans and pulses are good for vegans who can’t get protein from meat, fish or dairy produ..


Amato Family Pack 3kg Farfalle

Amato Family Pack 3kg Farfalle Pasta.Antonio Amato pasta is obtained from a mixture of the very best durum wheat, it has a rich flavour and consistency. The dou..

£8.99 £5.99

Amato Family Pack 3kg Linguine

Amato Family Pack 3kg Linguine Pasta.Antonio Amato pasta is obtained from a mixture of the very best durum wheat, it has a rich flavour and consistency. The dou..

£8.99 £5.99

Antipasti Selection Box

Featuring 6 jars of the finest Antipasti grown and processed by one of our top suppliers "I Contadini " on their farm in Ugento"The company is located in Ugento..


Antipasti Selection Box Number 2

Our second Antipasti selection box featuring 6 jars of delicious products from our supplier "I Contadini " "The company is located in Ugento, in the p..


Ceci Bio (Organic Chick Peas) 6x400g

Organic chickpeas are, among pulses, the richest in nutrients and the most beneficial from an energy point of view.They are widely used in the kitchen thanks to..


Fagioli Bianchi (Butter Beans) Organic 6 x 400g

Organic butter beans are among one of the main sources of vegetable protein available to us in our diet. Organic butter beans are also known as Corona beans or ..


Fagioli Borlotti ( Borlotti Beans ) Organic 6 x 400g

Organic borlotti beans are a variety of bean from South America and are at present, the most cultivated beans in northern Italy. They are beige in colour, somet..


Fagioli Organic Red Kidney Beans 6 x 400g

Organic red kidney beans have a curved shape and are dark red in colour; they are the basic ingredient of the famous “chili con carne.”  Red Kidney beans a..


Frutibosco Selection Box

The Fruttibosco Cooperative is founded in Tarsogno with the aim of maintaining and spreading natural products processed with the typical processing techniques t..


Lenticchie (Lentils) Organic 6 x 400g

There are many varieties of lentils, the colour is the main difference between them and ranges from a pale colour (light green, blonde, pink) to dark (dark gree..


Martelli Family Box Collection 20x500g packets

Save money over the normal price of 20 Pkts Of Martelli Pasta by ordering this family box selection.Collection consists of 5 packets of each of Penne,M..


Martelli Fusilli By The Case 20x500g

By popular demand we can now expand our full cases of Martelli pasta to include the Fusilli...