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Armando Pasta

Armando Pasta

ARMANDO is special because it is made only with selected varieties of 100% Italian wheat that meet the standards of our Growers’ Specifications: wheat with a minimum protein content of 14.5%, a propensity to be made into pasta and a balanced quantity and quality of gluten to ensure a pasta that’s tasty and healthy.

The factory in Flumeri, where integrated installations transform wheat into pasta, allows for taking the semolina straight from the Mill to the adjoining Pasta Factory.
There it is kneaded with pure water from springs of Irpinia to produce Armando’s Pasta.
Master pasta makers carefully check all stages of production so that the quality of the raw materials are retained, and organoleptic characteristics are preserved.

Click here to discover more about this wonderful pasta range https://www.pastarmando.it/en/    

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Armando I Ditali 400g

Playful and delicious, Armando’s Ditali pasta is best enjoyed with colourful, tasty legumes and garden vegetables. Perfect with clear or rich vegetable soup, or..


Armando Il Chiffero Gluten Free pasta 400g

With its two open ends and lines, it holds even the runniest of sauces.Curved tube shape..


Armando La Chitarra 500g

A fine pasta ,approx 2.0 mm thick and named after the ancient pasta making machine used in the production of this type of pasta ..


Armando La Penna 500g

Perfect with vegetables and simple sauces. It brings out the genuine flavours of traditional Italian cuisine.Classic Pasta shape ..


Armando La Penna Gluten Free Pasta 400g

Multi-cereal, made especially for coeliacs.For a simple gluten free pasta dish.Classic Penne shape ..


Armando Le Stelline 400g

Kids will love their playful shape. Armando’s Stelline mimic the stars shining way up in the sky, ready to dive down into a plate of clear soup or smooth, tasty..


Armando Orzi 400g

Barley seed pasta shapes, perfect with vegetable or meat stock, creamy purées or smooth soups. Small but satisfying, thanks to their compact shape.Also known as..


Armando Whole Wheat Organic "La Linguina" 500g

La Linguina,flat ribbon pasta shape,not only Whole Wheat but Oraganic as well !..