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Antipasti Selection Box

Antipasti Selection Box

Antipasti Selection Box

Featuring 6 jars of the finest Antipasti grown and processed by one of our top suppliers "I Contadini " on their farm in Ugento

"The company is located in Ugento, in the province of Lecce, in the middle of the countryside that leads from Felline to Torre San Giovanni, one of the most beautiful places on the Ionian coast, south of Gallipoli.

Salento is a frontier land that has the sea as a border: from the peoples who have crossed us we have learned sounds, words, recipes and culture.
But it is also a really generous and welcoming land."

Offering a 15% saving over the single jar price 

Pate Bomba 230g x 1 

It is a pate of spicy croissant peppers, which are grown on the farm at the end of May and harvested manually from August to October. They are washed, selected, shaved, cut into slices and matured in salt for a short term. After that they are shredded with the addition of Mediterranean spices and invading in extra virgin olive oil.

Carciofini alla Crudaiola 230g x 1

Small, tender and tasty, these artichokes are of the type called "violet". Cultivation takes place from October, while harvesting begins in April. Its processing takes place within eight hours of cool. It is very tender, it is just defoliated and turned manually with a knife. Soon after it is invading in extra virgin olive oil. No other condiments or spices are added, to maximize the unique taste of this product. They can be used to enrich an appetizer or cold rice along with other Mediterranean vegetables.

Antipasto Grande Salento 230g  x 1

The vegetables that make up this dried appetizer are grown in the open field on the farm from April to May, and harvested manually from June to September. They are washed, selected, cut into pieces and left to dry on the frames for 3-4 days.

Pate Di Olive Nere 230g  x 1

Leccine and celline olives are typical of our area. They are harvested between October and November, and are immediately delivered by the olive growers on our farm. They are washed and soaked in water and salt for about 6 months through a method that is therefore natural and linked to our tradition. The olives are then processed to extract the pulp that makes up this pâté composed of both varieties, to give a perfect balance of taste and color. The pâté is invading, obviously using extra virgin olive oil.

Pomdorini Confit 230g  x 1

We grow "Ciliegini" tomatoes in our soils, a few kilometers from the sea, from April to July, the month in which the harvest takes place, and, below, the selection and cutting, all strictly by hand. The word "Confit" comes from French, and is an ancient preservation technique that takes place by drying at low temperature for a long time in the presence of sugar.

Pomodori Essicati Al Sole 230g  x 1

Long tomatoes are grown in April and May, and harvested manually in July and August, all within our farm. They are washed, selected, cut, placed on drying frames, salted and left in the sun for 4-5 days.

A perfect selection of the finest Italian Antipasti to be enjoyed with sliced Charcuterie, Cheeses and Crackers and ideal for Vegans and Vegetarians 

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Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

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