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Here we have our selection of cooked and cured hams including the famous Parma Ham,sweet and moist,and our cooked ham flavoured with rosemary which is very popular.

All the hams are available sliced and wrapped or as whole pieces to slice yourselfe

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Cotto alla Erbe (Cooked Ham with Rosemary) approx 2.0 kgs

Italian cooked ham that has been massaged with fresh Rosemary to give a wonderful sweet flavour.A very low water content means that these hams are fantastic to ..


Diced Italian Prosciutto Crudo 100g

Once we get to the end knuckle of one of our delicious Prosciutto Crudo and we cant slice any more we seal the last piece in the vacuum packer,and then when..


Italian Prosciutto Crudo sliced 150g

This is the true king of all air cured charcuterie, beautiful moist Prosciutto Crudo from Emilia-Romagna, also the home of Parmigiano Reggiano.Only the finest h..