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Freshly Sliced Charcuterie

Freshly Sliced Charcuterie

Back due to popular demand we are pleased to offer once again our range of freshly sliced Charcuterie.

Each selection has been carefully sourced to ensure that we offer only the very best products that we can.

Each order is freshly hand sliced to offer the maximum freshness on the day of order.

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Bresaola Delle Valtellina 150g

Only Bresaola produced in the province of Sondrio can be called Bresaola.In these valleys,the fresh,dry and aromatic air that blows from the Alps meets the warm..


Coppa Di Parma sliced 150g

Made from the neck and shoulder of specially selected pigs,Coppa di Parma is a whole joint of meat that comes exclusively from the Emilia-Romagna region of nort..


Felino Salami 150g

Felino salami originates as its name suggests from the small mountain town ,Felino ,just south of Parma high in the Appenine mountains of Northern Italy.These s..


Finocchiona 150g

From the heart of the Tuscan countryside this special Finocchiona has a beautiful fennel flavourTradition has it that in order to keep minced pork for longer pe..


Guanciale sliced 150g

Cured pork cheek with black pepper,a delicious alternative to pancetta and used in many traditional Italian dishes ..


Milano Salame 150g

The original recipe originates from a precise mix of selected Italian meats and from expert natural seasoning.A very fine minced salami with a lovely mild flavo..


Mortadella con Pistachio 150g

According to tradition, the name "Mortadella" comes from the Middle Ages when the mixture was crushed in a mortar.Here at Camisa we only slice the very best qua..


Napoli Salami sliced 150g

Our Napoli salami has a very gentle smoked flavour,with added black pepper corns and an intense aroma of beech and oak reminiscent of the areas where it is prod..


Pancetta Copata sliced 150g

Pancetta Copata is made from cured,spiced and rolled pork belly and can be used either eaten directly in mixed antipasti which is delicious or cooked and added ..


Pancetta Sliced 150g

Smoked Pancetta is smoked and cured raw pork belly that is usually added to pasta sauces to give a beautiful smoked salty flavour.It also works very well wh..


Prosciutto Cotto 150g

Prosciutto Cotto is a cooked joint,Perfect everyday ham that can be used in sandwiches and salads and is great when added last minute to a pizza, ..


Prosciutto Cotto Alla Erbe 150g

Roasted and cooked Italian ham flavoured with RosemaryProduced in Vignola,in an area rich in traditions tied to the land and craftsmanship. High quality ham com..