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Back for 2021 we are pleased to be able to offer the fantastic Panettone from the Sicilian producers Fiasconaro .Each one of these artisan cakes is lovingly hand made using the very best traditional Sicilian ingredients 

A little history lesson .........

Panettone is the traditional Italian Christmas cake par excellence, and its birth is attributed to the city of Milan in the Middle Ages, although there are many legends surrounding its history: from the banquet of Ludovico il Moro (Ludwig the Moor), Duke of Milan, where a small attendant named Toni saved the day after the planned dessert was burnt, by an inventive creation with the simple ingredients left in the nobleman's pantry: a piece of leavened dough, flour, butter, raisins and little else, the famous sweet appropriately called Pan del Tonia (Tony's bread) was created.

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Fiasconaro Ananas & Albicocca Panettone 750g

Lovely Panettone flavoured with candied pineapple and apricot and topped with icing and pistachio nuts ..

£17.00 £13.60

Fiasconaro Apricot & Modica Chocolate Panettone 1.0kg

A new addition for 2021.Hand wrapped panettone full of candied apricot and modica chocolate ..

£24.00 £19.20

Fiasconaro Bianco Gift Box 1.0kg

A wonderful gift box containing a traditional 1.0kg Panettone topped with white icing and studded with whole pistachio and including a jar of white crema  ..

£38.00 £30.40

Fiasconaro Marron Noir 1.0kg

What can we say ? these are quite simply delicious Panettone.A light dough enriched with Sicilian wheat flour is used to create this cake with the additions of ..

£30.00 £24.00

Fiasconaro Nero Sublime Gift Box 1.0kg

Surprising Fiasconaro artisan panettone, naturally leavened, enriched with Sicilian chocolate, filled with a delicate wild strawberry jam and covered with a cru..

£38.00 £30.40

Fiasconaro Oro Di Manna Panettone 1.0kg

A traditional Panettone topped with white icing and mannetti and complete with a jar of very special Crema Di Manna,a spread made with honey,hazelnuts,almonds a..

£38.00 £30.40

Fiasconaro Pandorato 1.0kg

All the flavours and traditions of Panettone but leaving out the candied fruit and raisins,much in the same way as a traditional Pandoro cake. |..

£21.00 £16.80

Fiasconaro Panettone Cioccolato 1kg

If you are a fan of Chocolate you are going to love these traditional Panettone studded through with Chocolate drops and crusted with sugared icing...

£21.00 £16.80

Fiasconaro Panettone Cioccolato 500g

Rich moist Panettone cake studded with chocolate drops and covered in a crunchy iced sugar topping ..

£12.50 £10.00

Fiasconaro Pear And Chocolate Panettone 750g

A truly delicious Panettone, sweet and moist with Williams pears,rich with chocolate pieces and covered in white icing that is studded with chocolate crunchies&..

£18.90 £15.12

Torrone Siciliano Classico 150g

Made by the famoius Fiasconaro brothers from southern Sicily these bars of soft Torrone are quite superb, packed with pistachios, almonds and sweetend with Sici..


Torrone Siciliano flavoured with Orange Chocolate 150g

Orange chocolate covered Torrone bar, soft and chewy and with a real zesty orange flavourMade by the Fiasconaro brothers , multi award winning confectioners..


Torrone Siciliano with Chocolate Fondente 150g

Lovely soft Italian Torrone Nougat covered in rich dark chocolate jam packed with almonds and pstachios,beware these are very moorish,we"ve tried one ..... ..


Torrone Siciliano with Lemon 150g

Proper Sicilian Torrone,covered in a lovely green sugar coating and jam packed with almonds & pistachios and all the flavour of lemon.Made by the F..