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Biscuits,Cookies & Pastries

Here you will find our extensive range of classic Italian Biscuits,Amaretti,Chocolate Cookies and not forgetting the famous Codine filled pastries.

Introducing our brand new range of Italian Biscuits and Pastries from Matilde Vicenzi including the extremely delicious Grisbi biscuits in a new Gluten Free recipe.

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Amaretti Crocanti 175g

Traditional crunchy Italian cookiesPacked in a tall elegant Red tin gluten free..

£9.00 £6.75

Amaretti flavoured with Almonds,Figs & Walnuts 220g Tin

Wonderful soft Amaretti, flavoured with Almond,Figs and Walnuts Packaged in a very elegant round gift tin Gluten Free ..

£14.40 £10.80

Amaretti Premium with Lemon 140g Gift Tin

Soft sweet Amaretti flavoured with LemonPackaged in a nice gift tin Gluten Free ..

£7.70 £5.77

Amaretti Premium with Orange 140g Gift Tin

A premium Amaretti , soft and sweet and flavoured with Orange Packaged in a nice gift tin ..

£7.70 £5.77

Amaretti Virginia 140g Tin

Nice soft Almond Amaretti Packaged in a nice round gift tin Gluten Free ..

£8.15 £6.11

Baci Di Dama Virginia 100g

Lovely Hazelnut biscuits,soft and sweet and filled with Hazelnut cream Packaged in an elegant gift  tin ..

£8.15 £6.11

Cantuccini Italian Biscotti Di Toscana 250g

Cantuccini Italian Biscotti Biscuits by Gran Dessert of Tuscany have a nice crunch to them and a sweet sugared crust, and are packed full of Almo..


Grisbi Double Chocolate 150g Gluten Free

Soft and rich Grisbi Double Chocolate cream filled Italian biscuits , Gluten Free ..


Grisbi Lemon Cream Gluten Free 150g

Classic Italian cream filled biscuits ,Lemon flavour and Gluten FREE ..


Vicenzi Amaretto Di Italia 200g

Crunchy Amaretti with Almonds,each one individually wrapped for perfect freshness...


Vicenzi Fiorellini Biscuits 120g

Delicious puff pastry millefoglie biscuits with Raspberry jam ..

£2.40 £1.90

Vicenzi Le Ciambelle Cookies All Butter 200g

Tasty,buttery,crunchy cookies slowly cooked and then packaged when still hot so as to maintain their fragrance and taste ..

£2.20 £1.80