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Astorino Pasta

Our new range of speciality pasta shapes from our friends at Astorino , 

"Pasta is an art, in this case an art that was born 
and developed in the natural environment of the Marquis of Crotone. 
An area characterized by vineyards, olive groves, forests and abundant water; 
all ideal conditions to produce excellent grain 
and therefore an excellent pasta."

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Astorino Macherone Fileja 500g

Fileja or filej are a type of pasta originating in the Province of Vibo Valentia, typical of the Calabria region..


Astorino Orechiette Pasta 500g

Orechiette , or Little Ears, is a robust pasta shape, suitable for big recipes where you need big dense pasta shape, ideal served with Sausages ..


Astorino Tri-Colour Maccheroncini 500g

Hand rolled Maccheroncini,small rolls of pasta that are coloured with Spinach and Pepper ..


Astorino Trofie 500g

Hand rolled Trofie pasta shapes , originating from Liguria , the very best pasta to be served with pesto sauce ..


Conchiglioni Giant Pasta Shells 500g

Produced in the southern Italian region of Crotone,a region charactureized by vineyards,olive groves and an abundance of natural springs which supply the water ..