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Mortadella Leoncini 400g

Classic pure pork Mortadella,made with no added polyphosphates,glutamine and with only natural flavours Gluten Free ..


Bresaola Punta D'Anca whole peice 1.6kg

Cured Beef tenderloin from the Punta D"Anca traditionally served as very thinly sliced Carpaccio Antipasti,drizzled with fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil...


Citterio Milano Salame 70g

Casa Citterio's original recipe originates from a precise mix of selected Italian meats and from expert natural seasoning.A worldwide prizewinning specialty in ..


Citterio Napoli Salame 70g

Strong flavour, perfectly seasoned and of superior quality.Napoli Salami is for those who love strong and full flavours...


Citterio Prosciutto Di Parma D.O.P 70g

Prosciutto di Parma PDO is one of Salumeria Italiana's product symbols.Only domestic ham and salt, no preservatives,with a tradition that has been handed down f..


Citterio Salame Rustico 70g

Coarsely ground,strong and authentic taste,Rustico Salami is obtained from Italian selected and expertly spiced meats.The salami goes through a slow,natural sea..


Citterio Tesa Affumicata 70g

Gently smoked and cut into many richly flavoured slices.To use in the kitchen with creativity or in a gourmet sandwich...


Diced Parma Ham Reserve 100g

Parma Ham Diced-Once we get to the end knuckle of one of our delicious Parma hams and we cant slice any more we seal the last piece in the vacuum packer,and..


Guanciale sliced 150g

Cured pork cheek with black pepper,a delicious alternative to pancetta and used in many traditional Italian dishes ..


Leoncini Bresaola Punta D"Anca sliced 80g

Cured Beef Bresaola Punta D"Anca,traditionally used in the Venetian dish of Carpaccio,with fine shavings of Parmasan and drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil...


Leoncini Coppa sliced 100g

Made from the neck and shoulder of specially selected pigs,Coppa di Parma is a whole joint of meat that comes exclusively from the Emilia-Romagna region of nort..


Leoncini Milano Salami sliced 100g

The famous Milanese salami,made with finely minced pork,garlic and red wine,Milano is cured for four months and when cut exhibits its rice grain texture. A rich..


Leoncini Mortadella Bologna 100g Buy One Get One Free

Mortadella is Italys second most consumed cured pork product after Parma ham. Known in America as "Baloney" and produced in sizes ranging from one kilo up ..


Leoncini Prosciutto Cotto alla Erbe (Cooked Ham With Rosemary) 100g Buy One Get One Free

Our best selling ham,Cotto alla Erbe is a cooked joint that is first seasoned with fresh rosemary to give a really unique flavour, Perfect everyday ham tha..