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Alfieri Agnulot Del Plin alla Carne Pasta Fresca 250g

A delicious  meat filled raviloi called Agnulot .A small pasta parcel containing a mixture of Beef ,Roasted Pork with cured prosciutto wrapped in a velvety..


Alfieri Agnulot Del Plin Fonduta e Tartufo Pasta Fresca 250g

Small fresh Egg pasta parcels filled with a mouth watering mix of blended Italian cheeses Ricotta Salata,Parmiggiano Reggiano and Fontal and flavoured with Truf..


Alfieri Egg Pappardelle 250g

Fine ribbons of egg pasta called Pappardelle, perfect served with a rich tomato sauceThe Alfieri factory specialize in producing only Egg pasta made from the ve..


Alfieri Egg Tajarin Pasta 250g

Egg Tajarin,fine strands of pasta ribbon made in Piemonte ItalyPackaged in a very handsome display box ..


Alfieri Riccioli Barolo 250g

Riccioli Barolo gets its distinctive colouring from the famous Tuscan Barolo red wine,and it also lends itself to the flavour.Try using with a rich cream sa..


Alfieri Riccioli Nero di Seppia 250g

Fine egg pasta ribbons made from the very best wheat flour and fresh eggs and flavoured with Squid Ink.This pasta works perfectly when served with a rich Vo..


Alfieri Tajarin all"uovo 250g

Tajarin is a fresh Egg pasta produced in the Piedmontese region of ItalyCharacterized by their thin almost straw like appearance and deep golden colour due to t..


Alfieri Tajarin Egg Pasta with White Truffle 250g Display Box

Egg Tajarin ribbon pasta,traditionally made in Piemonte Italy and here flavoured with White Alba Truffles Packaged in a fine display box ..


Alfieri Tajarin with Barolo 250g Display Box

Tajarin Egg Pasta are very fine strands of ribbon pasta made exclusively in Piedmont here flavoured with the classic Barolo red wine ..


Cannelloni Pasta Tubes 250g

Cannelloni pasta tubes perfect to use with Bolognese or Spinach and Ricotta fillings...


Cantuccini Italian Biscotti Di Toscana 250g

Cantuccini Italian Biscotti Biscuits by Gran Dessert of Tuscany have a nice crunch to them and a sweet sugared crust, and are packed full of Almo..


Capelli Di Angelo Angel Hair Pasta 250g

Capelli D"Angelo, literally meaning "Angel Hair" is a super thin pasta tradtionally made into nest shapes and served with a seafood sauce, ..


Cappelletti Fresh Pasta with Prosciutto Crudo 250g

New to our Fresh Pasta range we have these nice little Cappelletti filled with Prosciutto Crudo Use these small pasta as a great "Primi" ( first course ) f..