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Gruyere Reserve Swiss Cheese 200g

Gruyere reserve,matured for 14 months in the Fribourg region of Switzerland,to produce a cheese with a strong,full and rounded flavour with a smooth texture. Pa..


Parmiggiano Reggiano 250g Vac Pac

The Camisa family originate from Parma, the town famous for Parmigiano cheese,Parma Ham,and Giuseppe Verdi.We personally select this Parmigiano&nb..


Pecorino Calcagno Pepato 200g

A hard sheeps milk cheese,strong and picante in flavour and studded through with black pepper corns ..


Pecorino Marmorizzato al Tartufo 200g

The only thing we can say about this cheese is that it is quite simply stunning.Beautiful full flavoured sheeps milk cheese with black Truffle ..


Pecorino Romano price per 200g

Pecorino Romano is a hard Sheeps milk cheese produced exclusively on the plains of Lazio and has been matured for eight to twelve months.Mainly used in pasta di..


Pecorino Vignaiolo al Chianti 200g

Pecorino Sardo "Il Vignaiolo" is a semi hard ewes milk cheese that has been washed and aged with rich Italian red wine Aged for about 6 months this pecorin..


Piave Mezzano 200g

Piave Mezzano is named after the river that flows through the Piave Valley in Belluno and is aged for a maximum of 180 days to produce a strong and tangy c..


Pistacchiotto with Pistachio 200g

A beautiful creamy pecorino sheeps milk cheese flavoured with Pistachio nuts-in our opinion awesome !..


Provolne Dolce Auricchio 200g

Classic Goats milk Capra Sardo from Sardinia, strong and crumbly.Produced from the finest Goats milk available in Sardinia , a hard cheese with strong and fragr..


Provolone Piccante Auricchio price per 200g

Provolone Piccante is a semi hard cheese with a sharp piquant flavour which has been matured four a minimum of four months. Perfect with fruit such as pears and..


Raclette Swiss Cheese Fribourg Grand Cru 200g

One of the best known cheeses for raclette comes from the Fribourg area. The exceptional quality of the milk produced in this region as well as the great expert..


Salamino with Chianti wine 200g

A medium coarse minced salami flavoured with classic Chianti wine ..