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Leoncini Sliced Salami

Leoncini Sliced Salami

Our new pack sizes of Sliced Salami produced for us by the famous Italian company Leoncini 

The company has skillfully gathered centuries of ancient traditions and translated these into the production of high quality hams, operating in the heart of the typical Parma Ham production area: Langhirano.

Our extensive range of sliced Italian salami sourced from many regions of Italy including the Finocchiona or Fennel salami,one of Tuscanys most famous salami,cured with fennel seeds to give a wonderful flavour.

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Guanciale sliced 150g

Cured pork cheek with black pepper,a delicious alternative to pancetta and used in many traditional Italian dishes ..


Leoncini Milano Salami sliced 100g-

The famous Milanese salami,made with finely minced pork,garlic and red wine,Milano is cured for four months and when cut exhibits its rice grain texture. A rich..


Leoncini Salame Al Finocchio 80g

A very typical Tuscan salami,Finocchiona has its origins in the middle ages when the soaring price of pepper forced charcutiers to flavour their products with w..


Leoncini Salame Al Tartufo 100g

New to our range of charcuterie,this Truffle salami is flavoured with the unmistakable flavour of Truffle giving it a wonderful rich taste and aroma.Enjoy w..


Leoncini Salame Felino IGP 80g

Felino salame are traditionally made in the town of Felino in the province of Parma,northern Italy from a medium coarse mix of pork,spices and black pepperMade ..


Leoncini Salame Ventricina 80g

Made from coarsely minced pork shoulder that is seasoned with pepper and chilli to give a distinctive dark red colour and really spicy flavour.Also known as..


Leoncini Tris Di Salame 120g

Classic Italian Salame selection featuring three of the most famous salameFinocchio ( Fennel flavoured ) Felino ( delicious coarse mince salame) Ventricina Picc..


Pancetta Sliced 150g

Smoked Pancetta is smoked and cured raw pork belly that is usually added to pasta sauces to give a beautiful smoked salty flavour.It also works very well wh..