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Sliced Salami

Sliced Salami

Our extensive range of sliced Italian salami produced from many regions of Italy including the Finocchiona or Fennel salami,one of Tuscanys most famous salami,cured with fennel seeds to give a wonderful flavour.

All sliced salami are freshly cut to order and delivered wrapped in traditional waxed deli wrap paper giving 7 days shelf life,and packed into a very handy and re-useable chill bag so you can be sure of the very best quality.


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Bresaola sliced 100g

Cured Beef Bresaola Punta D"Anca,traditionally used in the Venetian dish of Carpaccio,with fine shav..


Chorizo Piccante sliced 100g

Made from coarsely chopped pork and seasoned with Paprika,this Choriso is Piccante,so is on the hot ..


Coppa di Parma sliced 100g

Made from the neck and shoulder of specially selected pigs,Coppa di Parma is a whole joint of meat t..


Felino Salami approx 500g

New for 2017 we have this fantastic Felino salame available in whole , small sizes of approximately ..


Finocchiona Salami sliced 100g

A very typical Tuscan salami,Finocchiona has its origins in the middle ages when the soaring price o..


Italian Tapas Selection

Let us take the job of deciding what to have on your lunch board with our Italian Tapas Selection. ..


Milano Salami sliced 100g

The famous Milanese salami,made with finely minced pork,garlic and red wine,Milano is cured for four..


Mortadella 1/2 Size Cuts 1.5kgs

Mortadella is Italys second most consumed cured pork product after Parma ham. Known in Ame..


Mortadella with Pistachio sliced 100g

Mortadella is Italys second most consumed cured pork product after Parma ham. Known in America ..


Mortadella with Pistachio whole piece,average weight 3.15 kgs

Italian Pure Pork Mortadella with Pistachio in a whole piece, average weight is 3.15 kgs. Vacuum ..


Napoli Salami sliced 100g

Our Napoli salami has a very gentle smoked flavour,with added black pepper corns and an intense arom..


Salami with Truffle sliced 100g

New to our range of charcuterie,this Truffle salami is flavoured with the unmistakable flavour of Tr..


Smoked Pancetta approx 300g pieces

Due to a number of requests we can now offer our Smoked Pancetta in smaller 300g pieces Perfect..


Smoked Pancetta Sliced 100g

Smoked Pancetta is smoked and cured raw pork belly that is usually added to pasta sauces to give a b..


Sopressa Veneta Salami sliced 100g

The word Sopressa literally means two things in one,Salted and Pressed,and this authentic version is..