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Uses for Porcini Mushrooms

Boletus Edulis Porcini Mushrooms

All our Porcini Mushrooms are 100% Italian and collected by hand from the Appenine mountains around the village of Tarsogno in the province of Parma.

These Porcini mushrooms are then hand sorted and individually hand cleaned, sliced and dried before being hand packed to guarantee the highest possible standards of quality.

We cannot over hype these Porcini anymore, they are quite simply the very best available, just soak in a little hot water for 15 minutes and use to make the very best Risottos, add to rich meat stews and pasta dishes and use the left over liquid to add flavour to your stocks and soups.


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Porcini 100g

Still the same fantastic Porcini,available in a new 100g size bag The very best porcini available, hand picked in and around the Appenine mountains...


Porcini 50g

These are the very best A grade Italian Porcini mushrooms you are likely to find anywhere. Hand picked in the mountains around the village of Tarsogno in the pr..


Porcini Mushrooms 10g packet

Now available in a smaller 10g packet these are still the same fantastic porcini mushrooms as in all the other sizes.Hand picked in the foothills ..


Porcini Mushrooms 250g

Italian Porcini mushrooms,picked in the mountains around the village of Tarsogno in the province of Parma and sliced by hand before drying and packing.The perfe..


Porcini Mushrooms Bricole 30g Pouch

Porcini Bricole pieces are basically the second selection of Porcini that havent quite made the top grade and are misshapen and broken instead of being whole sl..


Wild Dried Porcini Mushrooms by Merlini 453g

Italian Porcini mushrooms by the company Merlini.The perfect ingredient for any Risotto..