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Pasta and Semolina Flour

Pasta and Semolina flour that is suitable for a wide range of pasta and pizza making as well as bread and puff pastry 

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Molino Pasini Pizza Flour Green 1.0kg

Flour for the preparation of pizza, created especially for lovers and connoisseurs of good pizza.For soft or crispy pizzas, but always tantalizing and tasty...

£2.55 £1.27

Caputo Cuoco flour 1.0kg

Flour with strong elastic gluten,ideal for dough that requires a long fermentation ...


Caputo Dried Yeast 100g

High activity dried yeast,suitable for all types of dough and leavening,and can be used in Gluten Free doughs ..


Caputo Gluten Free Flour 1.0kg

This Gluten Free flour mix is a proprietary blend of rice and potato starches,soy and rice flour,sugar,thickeners and dietary fibre.These all natural ingredient..


Caputo Pizza Flour Blue 1.0kgs

Elastic gluten and soft starch help doughs to get a great hydration.Light with a perfect rising. Ideal for classic Neapolitan pizza..


Caputo Pizza Flour Blue 15kg Bag

Now available in a large catering size bag of 15kgs ..for those that like to make a lot of pizza !! Milled to "OO" grade this is Italy"s highest rated pizz..


Caputo Semolina Rimacinata Flour 1.0kg packet

Caputo Remilled Durum Wheat Semolina is distinguished by its golden yellow colour and fine grain size. It is remilled through rolling mills equipped with ribbed..


Gluten Free Polenta Corn Meal 500g

Polenta.A new addition to our Gluten Free range of comes this Instant Polenta .Made from pre cooked corn meal and ready to eat in just one minute. ..


Molino Grassi Farina Per Pizza e Focaccia 1.0kg Buy One Get One Free

Good every day flour for Pizza and Focaccia making Buy One Get One Free whilst stocks last ..


Molino Grassi Semola Di Grano Di Duro 1.0kg Buy One Get One Free

A remilled semolina flour,perfect for bread makingBuy One Get One Free whilst stocks last ..


Molino Pasini Dolce e Frolle Flour 1.0kg

Flour for home use for the production of sweets and shorts. Ideal for baking cakes, biscuits, shortbread and tarts...

£2.55 £1.27

Molino Pasini Farina Dolci Soffici 1kg

Mix of special flours for sweets with yeast.Flour that rises while cooking, to prepare soft and fragrant cakes at home in a short time and with excellent result..


Molino Pasini Farina per Pizza & Focaccia 1.0kg

Mix of flours for pizza and flatbreads with yeast, to prepare even at home a fragrant and delicious pizza.The dough rises while cooking, to get a high quality p..


Molino Pasini Organic Flour 1.0kg

Soft wheat flour type "0", produced from only certified grains, following a strict supply chain process.A biological product is a product that enhances the fert..


Molino Pasini Pasta Fresca Flour Type 00 1kg

Type “00” flour is produced by grinding soft wheat and is a product widely used for baking and the production of fresh pastries including homemade ones. ..

£2.88 £1.44