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Panettone Cakes

Panettone Cakes

We have for many years been importing a very popular a brand of Panettone made by one of the leading Italian producers of Panettone, Pandoro and other seasonal leavened cakes Il Vecchio Forno, these cakes are made to the very highest standards and are extremely good value, perfect for enjoying socially or as gifts to loved ones.

Also for 2018 we have some delicious Artisan produced cakes from Sicily from our friends at Vincente. Lovingly hand made using traditional Sicilian ingredients.

A little history lesson .........

Panettone is the traditional Italian Christmas cake par excellence, and its birth is attributed to the city of Milan in the Middle Ages, although there are many legends surrounding its history: from the banquet of Ludovico il Moro (Ludwig the Moor), Duke of Milan, where a small attendant named Toni saved the day after the planned dessert was burnt, by an inventive creation with the simple ingredients left in the nobleman's pantry: a piece of leavened dough, flour, butter, raisins and little else, the famous sweet appropriately called Pan del Tonia (Tony's bread) was created.

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Pandoro Classico 750g

Pandoro (pan d'oro) is a traditional Italian sweet yeast bread, most popular around Christmas and New Year. It is often served dusted with vanilla scented ic..


Panettone 100g

Panettone 100g  Delicious with your morning coffee as a light snack, a great alternative to muffins ..


Panettone 500g

Wonderfully moist Panettone made with butter,raisins and candied orange. packaged in a distinctive box with ribbon handle. Serve warmed from the oven with..


Panettone 900g

Wonderfully moist Panettone made with butter ( not margarine as in the supermarkets ! ) ,juicy raisins and candied orange.  Serve warmed from the oven w..


Panettone Double Delight Chocolate Cream With Chocolate Chips 750g

Oh my goodness , if you like chocolate you are going to love these new cakes, filled with rich chocolate cream and chocolate chips, what more could the chocolat..

£8.99 £6.99

Panettone Gran Limone 750g

Deliciously moreish panettone filled with nice sharp lemon cream , and studded with pieces of candied lemon peel,this is a real winner !..

£8.99 £6.50

Panettone Hand Wrapped 1.0kg

A traditional all butter panettone , hand wrapped in elegant foil with a nice bow ..

£9.95 £7.50

Panettone in Tortiera Tin Citrus Fruit Design 600g

Panettone in a new tin for 2018 these fun Tortiera tins contain a fruit panettone,and are based on a traditional Italian baking tin design..


Panettone in Tortiera Tin Fruit Design 600g

New for 2018 these distinctive Tortiera tins contain a delicious fruit filled panettone.Based on a traditional Italian baking tin,the empty tins make really goo..


Panettone in Tortiera Tin Pomegranate Design 600g

Based on a traditional Italian baking tin , these fun panettone tins contain a nice rich all fruit panettone cake..


Vincente Panettone "Classique " 500g

A classic Panettone, rich and soft , made in the traditional way with juicy raisins and orange peel Hand wrapped and tied ..


Vincente Panettone "Didime" 750g

This is a personal favourite , soft and moist Panettone , full of Sicilian Figs and Walnuts , and given an extra twist with the addition of Malvasia wine , wond..


Vincente Panettone "Montezuma " 750g

A truly luxurious Panettone, the Montezuma is made with extra dark chocolate fondant and stuffed with chocolate chips  Each one is individually hand w..


Vincente Sicilian Panettone "I Pupi" 750g

Celebrating the traditional Sicilian puppets known as "I Pupi ", famous throughout Sicily as part of the marionette theatre.Each cake is hand made using Sicilia..


Vincente Sicillian Panettone "Luigi Pirandello " 750g

New to our Sicilian Panettone range for this year we have two delicious additions.Here we have the Luigi Pirandello Panettone, named after the famous Sicilian d..