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Limoni (Lemon) 260g

Lemons are mostly harvested in southern Sicily, from mid-November until May.This citrus fruit has numerous health properties,and are rich in citric acid, potass..


Mortadella Leoncini 400g

Classic pure pork Mortadella,made with no added polyphosphates,glutamine and with only natural flavours Gluten Free ..


Mutti Simply Sauce Basilico Sauce 400g

Rich velvety tomato sauce with basil,Just stir through some warm pasta for a quick meal..


Pandoro Classico 750g

Pandoro (pan d'oro) is a traditional Italian sweet yeast bread, most popular around Christmas and New Year.It is often served dusted with vanilla scented ic..


Pate Bomba del Salento Hot Pepper Sauce 230g

Lovely hot and sweet pepper sauce made using hot peppers grown in the warm fields of Brindisi,southern ItalyHand picked in August and cut into rings that are ma..


Vacherin Fribourg 200g

Vacherin Fribourgeois is a genuine raw milk cheese from the Canton of Fribourg.Its creamy texture and strong character is well suited to rich red or port wi..


Zuppa Di Orzo e Legumi Organic 400g

Rich Organic soup made with Pearl Barley,Beans and Pulses,Organic pearl barley, beans and pulses soup: benefits and propertiesOrganic pearl barley with beans an..


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

Camisa have been importing and distributing Santagata Olive Oils for many years,due mainly to the consistent quality of their products which range from everyday..


Molino Pasini Pizza Flour Green 1.0kg -Buy One Get One Free

Flour for the preparation of pizza, created especially for lovers and connoisseurs of good pizza.For soft or crispy pizzas, but always tantalizing and tasty.Buy..


Parmigiano Reggiano1/8 Wheel 5kgs

Due to popular demand we can now offer our famous Parmigiano Reggiano in larger cuts of 5kgs, which is an 1/8th of a wheel.Matured for a minimum of 18 month..


3 Colour Spaghetti Long 500g

Traditional extra long spaghetti in 3 colours,known of course as "Spaghetti Tricolor" and very popular served with a variety of sauces...


Aglianico IGT 75cl Rosso

A rich ruby red colour with scents of wild berries and licorice.It is a structured red but at the same time fresh and mineral with delicate and soft tannins&nbs..

£15.00 £13.50

Albicocche ( Apricot )

Harvested mostly in Emilia Romagna, between July and August, apricots are very sweet fruits, juicy and tender, rich in antioxidants and low-calorie. Flavour: ..


Alfieri Agnulot Del Plin alla Carne Pasta Fresca 250g

A delicious  meat filled raviloi called Agnulot .A small pasta parcel containing a mixture of Beef ,Roasted Pork with cured prosciutto wrapped in a velvety..

£6.40 £5.76