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Gluten Free Pasta and Products made by Italys leading manufactuer Molino De Ferro-Buy Online

The Biggest selling Gluten Free Pasta in Italy is available from our Italian on line store. At last we have found a true top quality Gluten Free pasta made by Molino di Ferro of Treviso in Northern Italy and called Le Veneziane

This Pasta is made from 100% GM free Mais flour and is Gluten free with a very low fat content, no colourings and without cholesterol, making it perfect for people who are Coeliac, wheat intolerant or just following a healthy diet, and also for people following a Vegan diet,as the pasta is Wheat,Egg and Lactose Free

We can offer the following most popular shapes, Fettucce, Penne, Tubetti, Gnocchi, Eliche and Spaghetti and know also including Lasagne


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Amaretti Morbidi Gift Box 180g

Amaretti Soft Italian Cookies Morbidi which are lovely and soft,each one individually wrapped in tissue paper,each box contains ten Amaretti and makes a re..


Amaretti Soft Italian Biscuits in 200g.

Amaretti soft Italian biscuits By Sassello Of Italy,These soft Amaretti have a full almond taste and are individually sealed in cellophane so they stay fre..


Amaretti Soft Italian Biscuits Offer Size 3 x 200g Bags

Amaretti soft Italian cookies from Sassello,individually sealed,but in bulk buy of three bags for those with an extra sweet tooth ,making a saving over thr..


Gluten Free Biscuits Chocolate and Hazelnut 250g

Brand new to our Italian on line store and a great addition to our Gluten Free range come these biscuits from Le Veneziane which are available in three flavours..


Gluten Free Biscuits Coconut 250g

Gluten Free Coconut Biscuits. Brand new to our Italian on line store and a great addition to our Gluten Free range come these Biscuits from Le Veneziane wh..


Gluten Free Biscuits Fruits Of The Forest 250g

Gluten Free Biscuits .Brand new to our Italian on line store and a great addition to our Gluten Free range come these Biscuits from Le Veneziane which are avail..


Gluten Free Fusilli Pasta 250g

Gluten Free Pasta .Eliche,or Fusilli,are small twists of pasta made from 100% Maize flour,completely GM free and thanks to the low fat content are light and eas..


Gluten Free Lasagne Sheets 250g

Gluten Free Lasagne Sheets.At last we are pleased to announce that we have the new Gluten Free Lasagne in stock. Both Gluten and Egg free these pasta sheets ..


Gluten Free Mini Grissini 250g bag

New to Camisa we are pleased to introduce these very tasty Gluten Free Mini Grissini ( breadsticks ) Made from Corn Flour and Extra Virgin Olive Oi..


Gluten Free Mini Grissini Sesame And Chia Flavour 250g

After the successful introduction of the classic Mini Grissini a new flavour has been added for 2016 , Mini Grissini with Sesame and Chia seeds These fragran..


Gluten Free Pasta Collection 30x250g Packets

A new size for our Gluten Free pasta collection which now includes 5 packets of Spaghetti and is a great saving of £9.00 over the equivalent single packets 5..


Gluten Free Pasta Fettuce [ Tagliatelle ] 250g

Gluten Free Pasta .Fettuce is very similar to Tagliatelle but slightly narrower in section. These Fettuce like all the Le Veneziane range are Gluten Free and..


Gluten Free Pasta Gnocchi Shells 250g

Gluten Free Pasta Gnocchi shells made from 100% maize flour which is also GM free and is free from artificial colours and flavours...


Gluten Free Pasta Penne 250g

Penne Shaped Gluten Free Pasta From Le Veneziane,Made From 100% Maize Flour,completely GM Free and ideal for people who are Coeliac,Wheat intolerant or are just..


Gluten Free Pasta Rigatoni 250g

Rigatoni is a small tube shaped pasta that is slightly ribbed to allow for whatever sauce you are using to stick much better...