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Fresh Pasta


This is our very own hand made fresh pasta range,produced for us in Italy by the award winning company Tradizioni Padane from the northern Italian town of Brescia 

Each shape is lovingly created and filled with the best ingredients,many of which are locally sourced,producing a very high quality product that we are extremely proud of .

Available in 6 traditional flavours including the new Gorgonzola and Walnut,a real favourite.


Our brand new range of fresh pasta made with 100% Italian Durum Wheat flour and fresh eggs.

Available in 6 shapes with fillings including Ricotta and Herb and Truffle .

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Alfieri Agnulot Del Plin alla Carne Pasta Fresca 250g

A delicious  meat filled raviloi called Agnulot .A small pasta parcel containing a mixture of Beef ,Roasted Pork with cured prosciutto wrapped in a velvety..


Alfieri Agnulot Del Plin Fonduta e Tartufo Pasta Fresca 250g

Small fresh Egg pasta parcels filled with a mouth watering mix of blended Italian cheeses Ricotta Salata,Parmiggiano Reggiano and Fontal and flavoured with Truf..


Alfieri Pansotti Con Ricotta e Erbette 500g

Large half moon shape Ravioli fresh Egg pasta parcelsfilled with mixture of Ricotta,grated Parmiggiano and Chard ..


Alfieri Tajarin all"uovo 250g

Tajarin is a fresh Egg pasta produced in the Piedmontese region of ItalyCharacterized by their thin almost straw like appearance and deep golden colour due to t..


Cappelletti Fresh Pasta with Prosciutto Crudo 250g

New to our Fresh Pasta range we have these nice little Cappelletti filled with Prosciutto Crudo Use these small pasta as a great "Primi" ( first course ) f..


Fresh Pasta with Gorgonzola and Walnut 250g

Introducing a brand new and delicious flavour to our Fresh Pasta family Gorgonzola and WalnutHand made to the same very high standard as the other filled pastas..


Fresh Pasta with Mozzarella and Basil 250g

Introducing a new shape and filling to our very popular Fresh Pasta range,Caramella is a small pasta parcel filled with delicious Mozzarella and Basil , jus..


Fresh Pasta With Porcini 250g

The finest Porcini mushrooms are used in this fresh pasta,sourced from the Appenine mountains around the town of Parma in Northern Italy,famous for the best Por..


Fresh Pasta With Pumpkin 250g

This is a sweet Pumpkin and Macaroon filled fresh pasta.Fantastic at this time of year served with a rich tomato sauce.250g serving is enough for two pe..


Fresh Pasta with Spinach and Ricotta 250g

Fresh Pasta made with Spinach and Ricotta pasta,hand made in Italy exclusively for Camisa using the finest ingredients.Serve with freshly grated parmas..


Fresh Pasta With Truffle and Ricotta 250g

Made exclusively for us by the company Padane from Brescia in northern Italy and delivered to us every Monday to maintain absolute freshness This hand..


Tortellini Fresh Egg Pasta with Meat Filling 250g

Fresh Egg Tortellini with a nice rich meat filling Very quick to cook just pop into boiling water for 60 seconds,drain and serve with some grated parmesan&..