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Fresh Olives-A true taste of Italy

Fresh Olives, one of the staple foods of Italy, and who can resist the sweet salty taste of a perfectly ripe olive , packed with flavour.

Our range of olives are all freshly prepared to order , this way you can be sure that you will receive them in the best condition possible.

We only use fresh garlic in our marinades, along with a blend of mixed herbs containing Oregano,Basil,Thyme and Sage , and we only use finest Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil  .

For our Chilli marinades we use a blend of hot Harrisa paste , along with spicy chilli flakes and sweet paprika that adds a nice punch , and of course all blended together with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

New for Summer 2018 we have a nice Leccino olive, very full flavoured , a real classic from Abruzzo , and nice big fat soft black olive from southern Italy called Nere Intere Mammoth .

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Antipasto Contadino In Olive Oil 314ml

Rustic Mixed Antipasto Contadino , containing Olives,Mushrooms,Artichokes,Silver Skin Onions and Red Peppers all in Olive Oil that makes a great appetizer ..


Black Pitted Olives in Hot Chilli Dressing 100g

Black pitted olives marinated in our Chilli dressing with a dash of Harrisa added for an extra kick,so if you like them on the hot side these are the boys !...


Green Pitted Olives 2.2 kg tin

Green pitted Manzanilla olives in brine packed in a 2.2kg tin.  Great for parties and events and will keep in the fridge for several weeks once opened s..


Green Pitted Olives in Hot Chilli dressing 100g

Marinated in our own recipe Chilli dressing to which we add a dash of Moroccan Harrisa,these green pitted olives are on the hot side,so if you like them with a ..


Green Pitted Olives in Italian Herb Dressing 100g

Green italian olives pitted Manzanilla olives marinated with Italian mixed herbs consisting of Sage,Basil,Thyme and Rosemary,and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We l..


Green Pitted Olives With Fresh Garlic and Herbs 100g

Green pitted manzanilla olives marinated in our special dressing of fresh Garlic,mixed Italian Herbs and Extra Virgin Olive Oil,..


Green Pitted Olives with Semi Dried Cherry Tomatoes 100g

Nice firm Manzanilla green pitted olives mixed with sweet semi dried cherry tomatoes creating a sweet and savoury blend that works really well,absolutely delici..


Mammoth Olives 200g Pot

Lovely big,soft and juicy whole black olives ,very ripe and full of flavour , perfect Summer olive..


Mixed Pitted Olives with fresh Garlic and Herbs 100g

A nice,popular mix of black and green pitted olives marinated in fresh Garlic,mixed Herbs and Extra Virgin Olive Oil...


Nocellara Sicilian Green Olives 200g pot

Large,unpitted green Sicilian Nocellara olives with a lovely buttery flavour and firm texture. Packed in a little brine to help keep their flavour ..


Semi Dried Cherry Tomatoes In Oil 200g pot

Semi Dried Cherry Tomatoes In Oil 200g pot, what better way to enjoy your antipasti or fresh salad than with a spoonful of these delicious tomatoes. Covered ..