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Extra Long Italian Spaghetti

Extra Long Italian Spaghetti

A brand new range of long pasta from Mazzi of Verona,including Squid Ink,Chilli and 3 Colour spaghetti.

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3 Colour Spaghetti 500g

Traditional extra long spaghetti in 3 colours,known of course as "Spaghetti Tricolor" and very popul..


Chilli Spaghetti 500g

Long Chilli spaghetti from Mazzi of Verona which gives a new angle to the traditional spaghetti. Bes..


Conchiglioni Giant Pasta Shells 500g

Produced in the southern Italian region of Crotone ,a region charactureized by vineyards,olive grove..


Extra Long Spaghettoni Pasta 1.0kg

Traditional long air dried Spaghettoni measuring a whopping 20 inches in length,slightly thicker tha..


Squid Ink Spaghetti 500g

Very unusual jet black Squid Ink spaghetti which has become very popular over the past few years and..