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Special Monthly Offers

Here we have a range of special offer items that we think make extremely good value

Sometimes these items are end of line products,  sometimes they are nearing the end of the best before date , ( but will still be in good condition )

A good idea to keep an eye on this section as we are always adding different products

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Conchiglioni Giant Pasta Shells 500g

Produced in the southern Italian region of Crotone ,a region charactureized by vineyards,olive groves and an abundance of natural springs , which supply the wat..


Cravot Pure Goats Cheese price per 200g

Beautiful , long matured pure Goats milk cheese called Cravot produced high in the Appenine mountains from local Goats milk. Semi soft cheese with a soft del..


Gorgonzola Piccante DOP price per 200g

Gorgonzola piccante is a stong and crumbly cows milk cheese produced in Lombardy and Piedmont. Sometimes called Mountain gorgonzola it is widely used in itai..


Italian Pasta Meal Kit

Why bother shopping around when you can get your complete meal in one go !! Literally your "One Stop Italian Meal " Our new Italian Pasta Meal kit is perfect fo..


Pecorino Gioisa price per 200g

Sardinian Pecorino Gioisa is made from ewe's milk and it completes its maturation after 90 days giving it a delicate,aromatic and slightly sharp flavour.Ideal f..


Smoked Scamorza Ball 260g

A traditional smoked Scamorza cows milk cheese from Puglia with a lovely mild smokey flavour,often used as a mozzarella substitute when you need a melting chees..


Spaghetti Peperoncino 500g

Short length version of our Chill spaghetti , Spaghetti Peperoncino ..

£3.52 £1.76

Spaghetti Tricolori 500g

Short, standard length version of the ever popular Spaghetti Tricolori ..

£3.52 £1.76

Taleggio DOP price per 200g

Matured,medium soft cutting table cheese from the Lombardia region made with pasteurised whole cows milk. Mild,sweet and aromatic with a creamy texture,ideal..