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Italian Everyday Pasta

Italian Everyday Pasta

Our brand new range of everyday pasta from the company Di Martino with packets designed by the legendary Dolce and Gabbana

Made from the finest durum wheat flour and forced through bronze dyes to give it a rough texture which allows the sauce to adhere to the pasta much better

This range of pasta is great for everyday use and is packed in a resealable bag.    


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Cannelloni Pasta Tubes 250g

Cannelloni pasta tubes perfect to use with Bolognese or Spinach and Ricotta fillings...


Capelli Di Angelo Angel Hair Pasta 250g

Capelli D"Angelo, literally meaning "Angel Hair" is a super thin pasta tradtionally made into nest shapes and served with a seafood sauce, ..


De Cecco Penne No41

Classic quill shaped Penne pasta, made "rigate" for extra sauce adhesion ..


Di Martino Elicoidali 500g Buy One Get One Free

Thick tubed pasta with a fairly large ribbed texture.Buy One Get One Free whilst stocks last ..


Di Martino Fresine 500g Buy One Get One Free

Similar to Linguine but with a wider ribbon commonly used with fish dishes Buy One Get One Free whilst stocks last ..


Di Martino Mezzi Rigatoni 500g

Short fat pasta tubes with rough texture ideal for holding all types of sauces ..


Di Martino Orechiette 500g

Small "Little Ears" of pasta best served with a robust meat sauce ..


Di Martino Paccheri Dolce & Gabbana 500g

A very large tube type pasta Classic way to serve is to place the cooked pasta upright and fill with a rich Bolognese sauce ..


Di Martino Pappardelle 250g

Fine flat ribbon pasta ideal for serving with thick Ragu sauces ...


Di Martino Penne Mezze Rigate 500g

Classic Penne Rigate pasta,rough texture for perfect sauce adhesion ..


Di Martino Spaghetti " Dolce and Gabbana " 500g

In a Dolce and Gabbana designed packet comes this fun new range of pasta by Di MartinoCelebrating all things Italian the packets are fun and interesting ,the sp..


Di Martino Spaghettini 500g Buy One Get One Free

Thinner than normal Spaghetti with a quicker cooking time Buy One Get One Free whilst stocks last ..