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Alfresco Dining Selection-Lets Enjoy The Summer While We Can.

Alfresco Dining Selection-Lets Enjoy The Summer While We Can.

Make the most of the clement weather and enjoy dining in the great outdoors the way the Italians do,either in the garden,on the patio or even the park ! now that we are allowed out … 

We"ve picked some favourite Italian staples to enjoy,pre packed and delivered in a handy sizes,meaning you wont have much left over ..

From delicious Zucchine ,stuffed Peppers ,Artichokes and even Italian bread that can be baked at home before you leave ,what could be more enjoyable after the last few months of being kept inside ,lets enjoy the summer while lasts.

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Anchovy and Caper Stuffed Peppers 225g

Pepperoncini Ripieni Con Le Acciughe to be exact...soft sweet Italian ripe peppers stuffed with a mixture of Anchovy and CaperA nice sharp piccant taste,the pep..


Antipasto Emiliano 130g

Classic Italian Antipasto featuring Prosciutto Crudo, Coppa & Milano SalamePerfect to add to your alfresco dining platter ..


Cacio Ghiotto 200g

A semi soft Primo Sale type cheese with Olives,Chilli,Capers and Rocket mixed throughCreamy and with a lovely flavour that is really comes to life with the adde..


Grilled And Roasted Artichoke Hearts 225g

Soft Artichoke hearts that have been roasted and then grilled creating a wonderful smoky flavour to the ArtichokeDelicious with a glass of ice cold Pinot Grigio..


Pecorino Calcagno Pepato 200g

A hard sheeps milk cheese,strong and picante in flavour and studded through with black pepper corns ..


Roasted Red Italian Peppers 225g

Roasted Italian red peppers that have been peeled, softened with sun flower oil and flavoured with herbs and garlic...


Santome Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie D.O.C. 2018 75cl

A beautiful rich yellow straw coloured Pinot Grigio with an elegant and intense aroma with hints of ripe peaches and apricots and exotic fruits such a pineapple..


Zucchine Essiccate 225g pots

Delicious soft sundried Zucchine marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil,capers,hot pepper,apple vinegar,aromatic herbs and fresh mint.Vacuum packed and delivered i..