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Buy Cannoli-Finest Italian Pastries Online

Cannoli pastries,Codine pastries,Italian Sweet pastries

We have been asked many times if it is possible to get our delicious pastries in smaller sizes and we are happy to say we can now introduce them.

Each pack contains 6 Codine or Cannoli pastries and are filled with baked cream ,

Be warned though,once you open the pack the temptation is to eat the lot !!

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Codine Pastries Filled With Chocolate Cream 200g

Italian Codine pastries, made with filo pastry and shaped as a lobster tail and filled with chocolate cream..


Codine Pastries Filled With Coffee Cream 200g

Coffee cream filled Codine pastries , enjoy them with your morning coffee or as a dessert..


Codine Pastries Filled With Lemon Cream 200g

Nice zesty Lemon cream filled Italian delicacy made with filo pastry..