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Pasta Sauces

The fresh tomato sauce is a quintessential part of the Mediterranean diet , very simple and very tasty. This new range of sauces from our top supplier Terre Scelte is made with Sicilian cherry tomatoes and different regional vegetables to create lovely rich sauces .

Not available in any supermarket these are very high quality sauces , each one packed full of flavour.

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Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce 330g

Rich and sweet Cherry tomato pasta sauce , excellent as a base sauce or passata and just as good on its own with some fresh pasta...


Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce With Aubergines 360g

Base sauce of Sicilian cherry tomatoes with the addition of soft Aubergines. Resealable screw lid , each jar serves 2..


Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce with Chilli 360g

Nice and hot Chilli pasta sauce , tempered with the sweetness of the Sicilian cherry tomatoes..


Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce With Olives & Capers 360g

A classic "Puttanesca" sauce , rich and sweet cherry tomatoes with Olives and Capers Bring a touch of Sicily to your table..


Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce With Porcini Mushrooms 360g

Here we have the mushroom sauce , genuine Italian Porcini mushrooms added to the Cherry Tomato base , a real winner Resealable screw lid, serves 2..


Nduja Originale di Spilinga Spreadable 170g

Seriously hot and spicy,proper Nduja spread made from a mixture of pork and chilliGreat for spreading on crackers,pizza etc and ideal for adding to sauces ..